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IN THE VEINS hits Amazon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  (January 31, 2017)
Indigenous Native Poetry collection IN THE VEINS gives power to words
Greenfield, Massachusetts [2017]  -- “These poet’s words jumped off the page and made their way under my skin, into the chambers of my heart,”said Editor Patricia Busbee (Cherokee) who has edited the new Native prose and poetry book, IN THE VEINS (Vol. 4,ISBN: 978-0692832646, Publisher: Blue Hand Books, Massachusetts).

In the Veins poetry anthology editor Patricia Busbee (adoptee, Cherokee mix) spoke with Dr. Dawn Karima (who also contributed stunning poetry to this book) about Native poetry and our history recently:


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As dedicated as I am to the craft of writing, I also feel very ambivalent about all the accoutrements that go around being a writer and being published. People forget that this is all a very recent invention, that authors have to do this dog and pony show.
-Eugene Thacker: Author, Editor, Poet, Professor