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Hentz releases new creative non-fiction


Hentz releases new creative non-fiction

Greenfield, Massachusetts [2018]  --  “There is a clear sense of urgency in my new book, on a vast variety of topics” said Blue Hand Books founder and award winning journalist Trace L Hentz, author of  Mental Midgets|Musqonocihte “It’s a Miracle We’ve Survived This Far,” (ISBN: 9781731074010, Publisher: Blue Indians Books, Massachusetts). 

“It’s quite clear we are distressed with changes all around us, and it’s gone global,” Hentz explained.  “John Trudell said it best in an interview I share in the book. ‘The answer is NON-COOPERATION and a clear coherent thinking human being…” 

Trudell didn’t waste words. Neither does Hentz.

She describes this twin book as a collection of factoids, thoughts, quips, code, quotes, photos, thought bombs, creative non-fiction, Native American history and prose. And it’s short (91 pages).  Musqonichte translates Blue Sky.

Horror writer and blogger KC Redding gave early praise for the new work, “I like the format of Midgets, the way each work sneaks up on you by yelling in your ear first.  Kind of reminds me of walk softly, big stick words...”

On the book jacket, Poet and author MariJo Moore writes, "Prepare yourself for a short journey into a long reality. Do yourself a favor and read and reread with an opening mind. This author knows of what she writes....."

After cancer surgery in May, Hentz said the book itself came together quickly, quite like the miracle we’ve survived this far, a recent quote from Noam Chomsky in the new book.

“Everything about this twin book surprises me.  From the book size (8 in. x 10 in.), to using my photos, I started collecting thoughts maybe five years ago and joked to friends I hoped to get (Mental Midgets) done this century.” Then it morphed into two books.  Hentz knows it’s timely. “You will want to sit with this book.  It may be short, but it takes long thinking.”

In 2011 Trace Lara Hentz started the collective Blue Hand Books to help other Native writers publish their books and pay it forward.  Now she is writing as fast as she can.

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Trace Lara Hentz (Shawnee-Cherokee- French Canadian-Euro mix) is an award winning journalist.  Known for her in-depth interviews for national Native newspaper NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY, she won many awards, authored many academic papers, has contributed to Last Real Indians and Dissident Voice, and co-edited the acclaimed four-part book series Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects. [].
She is a multi-genre author, poet, journalist and activist.  Her work is heavily focused on Native American history and Native American adoption issues. [] []

Trace (formerly DeMeyer) lives at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains in Greenfield Massachusetts with her husband, a retired college administrator, Herb Hentz.
Native American Studies | Creative Non-Fiction
ISBN: 9781731074010 (Blue Hand Books)
Paperback $5.91   Kindle ebook $3.33
BLUE INDIANS BOOKS and Blue Hand Books Collective is a small Native American-owned publishing company based in western New England.  Website:

413- 258-0115
413- 772-6996

Media Contact: Trace Hentz, Greenfield, Massachusetts,

Quote of 2019

As dedicated as I am to the craft of writing, I also feel very ambivalent about all the accoutrements that go around being a writer and being published. People forget that this is all a very recent invention, that authors have to do this dog and pony show.
-Eugene Thacker: Author, Editor, Poet, Professor

coming in 2019

coming in 2019

Why Blue Indians?

OUR INSPIRATION: “I called the album Blue Indians because there is a kind of spiritual and cultural genocide perpetrated on everyone that is poor in this country,” Trudell said. “The advance of technology has put all of us on a kind of reservation. These are the people who can’t educate their children, or afford health care. They’ve been robbed of life, which is what happened to Native people, so in that context, we’re all Indians.” -JOHN TRUDELL

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