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what's ahead?

what's ahead?
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See the author page for links to all their book titles.
Powell's in Oregon carries some of our titles and they can be ordered online through their website!

Powell's City of Books

Our flagship location with over one million books!
1005 W Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97209

We highly recommend you use IndieBound and find a local bookstore. At a store near you: Indie Bookstore Finder map (

use their search bar to find us


we are asking our authors and friends to contribute to a fundraiser  and send us an artbox to auction off. Email Trace for details...

Ask your local book seller to buy our books through Ingram, a book distributor.  Barnes and Noble can order our books and have them for you in a few days.
Almost all of our titles are on Kindle

The new edition of Two Worlds is available on KOBO as well.
We retired several titles in 2018.
2019: Our new website is underway.

Quote of 2019

As dedicated as I am to the craft of writing, I also feel very ambivalent about all the accoutrements that go around being a writer and being published. People forget that this is all a very recent invention, that authors have to do this dog and pony show.
-Eugene Thacker: Author, Editor, Poet, Professor

coming in 2019

coming in 2019

Why Blue Indians?

OUR INSPIRATION: “I called the album Blue Indians because there is a kind of spiritual and cultural genocide perpetrated on everyone that is poor in this country,” Trudell said. “The advance of technology has put all of us on a kind of reservation. These are the people who can’t educate their children, or afford health care. They’ve been robbed of life, which is what happened to Native people, so in that context, we’re all Indians.” -JOHN TRUDELL

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2019: WE REOPENED WITH A NEW NAME Blue Indians Collective

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