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11-11 is the anniversary of the very first book we did for John Christian Hopkin's book Twilight of the Gods!

What is the 5-5-5 rule: 
500 words a day or 5 pages of edits, 
five days a week. 

By Trace Lara Hentz, founder of Blue Hand Books and Blue Indians Collective

I saved this 5-5-5 rule on my Boom blog. It sounded like a good idea, at the time, but I really don't follow it. I keep a spiral notebook, a small blank book in my bedroom - it is where I write down my dreams or thoughts when I wake up or right before I sleep. It's crazy how some of my best ideas happen this way - right before or right after. I've even dreamed book cover art this way. I draw diagrams usually.

And I keep a blank book in the living room on the couch where I read, crochet and watch moves and very little TV.  It has notes, ideas, thought bombs, song titles, movie titles, quotes, silly stuff, movie lines, books I want to buy and lots of other things I want to remember.

In the past three years I filled at least five of these blank books. Scribbles become prose. Ideas for stories like High Street, were drafted. Even Goo and Boozer, a sci-fi short story is being written this way... small scribbles and dialog.

My husband doesn't even know how many of my books were born there on the couch, sitting with him. It's a mystery. But it works.

I write something every. single. day.

How my latest twin books:  Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte 
happened was in another older blank book. 
It had to be at least five years ago when it started.

Back when I wrote that phrase mental midgets then I laughed. It sounded crazy.  I kept the book title under wraps.  Mental Midgets, what does it mean? It's absurd. It's maybe funny, kinda. It's not about small people. But it is about how our minds work, how our memory functions, and how it seems to me, at least, our brain capacity is slowly shrinking, and memories get smaller and smaller.

This is a one sentence (short) book description:

This TWIN book is a collection of factoids, philosophy, quips, questions, code, quotes, photos, thought bombs, creative non-fiction, Native American history and prose. And it’s short.

 Musqonichte translates Blue Sky.

What I didn't know in 02018 was I'd create this book NOW. It seemed urgent. It is urgent. Yes, Trump has ignited many of us awake in a new way. 

AND yup. The book is short as in page count but not in content!

Like this quote:

The dark pathologies of the uber-rich, lionized by mass culture and mass media, have become our own.  We have ingested their poison.  We have been taught by the uber-rich to celebrate the bad freedoms and denigrate the good ones.  Look at any Trump rally.  Watch any reality television show.  Examine the state of our planet.  We will repudiate these pathologies and organize to force the uber-rich from power or they will transform us into what they already consider us to be—the help. 
—Chris Hedges


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