Uswitusqaq's Dream (free ebook)

UswitusqaqFrontA shaman's dream, a journey by kayak, sea otters, and an earthquake; these are the ingredients for Uswitusqaq's Dream, a children's novel about life on Alaska's Kodiak Island in the 1800s. This charming story follows Alutiiq youth Kuuku and Tanqiq on a journey of self-discovery.

Traveling far from home the boys discover a hidden bay with a rare pod of sea otters. An injured pup offers the chance to learn more about otters, practice outdoor skills, and test the boys' compassion and patience. Then an earthquake closes the entrance to the bay. How will Kuuku and Tanqiq return home? This exciting story features descriptions of Kodiak's environment and details of Alutiiq culture and history.

Written by Pattie Leighton with cover art by Sarah Squartsoff. Published in 2011 by the Alutiiq Museum with support from the Alaska Humanities Forum. Electronic edition read by Dehrich Chya and produced with support from the Kodiak Island Borough School District READ project.

Paperback – Available from the Museum Store.
Ebook – Download for free to read on a computer or tablet.
Podcast – Listen to chapters read by Dehrich Chya.
Glossary – Hear Alutiiq speakers pronunce the Alutiiq vocabulary in the story.




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