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UPDATE: NEWER VIDEO AVAILABLE! || How to Convert Your Manuscript to eBook...

FYI: We do automatically number pages for you, and we can insert page breaks between chapters automatically if your chapters are clearly defined (we recommend using the Heading feature of your word processor, but we can also detect larger and/or bolded fonts). There's no exclusivity for print books, so you could have your book with Lulu and us at the same time, if you wish. Ebooks are slightly different—we don't require any exclusivity, but a lot of our retailers have rules against distributing to them from multiple places. So it's best to either use us to reach the retailer, or go to them directly. Print edition do require ISBNs, and you can either purchase one to bring with you or we can issue a free one for your book. There's no risk for getting the free ISBN. Some people prefer buying them, for a variety of reasons, but there's no harm either way. If you have any more questions, feel free to email our team at support@ ! We'll happily


 HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BIG NEWS for Blue Hand Books! Trace L Hentz Two Worlds : Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects (Vol. 1): Second Edition $15.99 at WALMART! BUY Trace L Hentz Sleeps With Knives: Has It Hit You Yet with a special essay: Earth Tribes at the Millennium (Paperback)   $6.99  

Self-Publishing Industry Insights with Mark Leslie Lefebvre - March 2022


Smashwords merger with Draft2Digital (print and ebooks)

THE NEW WAY! Draft2Digital acquires Smashwords, Creating Self-Publishing Juggernaut Combined Company will Publish and Distribute 800,000+ Titles from 250,000 Authors and Publishers February 8, 2022 — OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. and PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. — Draft2Digital, LLC and Smashwords, Inc., two pioneers in ebook self-publishing, today announced that Draft2Digital will acquire Smashwords. The acquisition unites the industry’s two most innovative and author-friendly publishing platforms into one, enabling the new Draft2Digital to drive even greater success for authors, publishers, and sales partners. Draft2Digital and Smashwords are key catalysts behind the dramatic rise of self-publishing over the last fourteen years. Their publishing platforms enable 250,000 authors and publishers around the world to publish, distribute, market, and manage over 800,000 ebooks and 11,000 print on demand paperback books. The combined company will operate under the Draft2Digital name and will be

Investigating a new way to publish ebooks

How to Sell Digital Products Online with Squarespace (Version 7.1) Of course there are online store setups, which I tried years ago and it didn't work, or help...  there it this::: The Gumroad Way: Gumroad is a fantastic platform because they make it abundantly clear that they care about their creators. Start Small :: Learn Quickly  Sell anything : Video lessons. Monthly subscriptions. Physical products. Whatever! Gumroad was created to help you experiment with all kinds of ideas and formats. Sell your Top 10 lists Sell your crypto tips Sell your fractal pack Sell your keto cookbook Sell your C4D scenes Sell your new emojis Seriously, sell anything! eBooks represent one of the many fantastic benefits of our tech-centric life: convenience. By creating and releasing an eBook, you’re giving access to your knowledge in a form that can be consumed on e-readers, phones, tablets, and computers. This means content that your readers can take with them anywhere. It’s a perfect alte

WINNER! Five Little Indians wins Canada Reads 2022

  Read an excerpt from Five Little Indians by Michelle Good. Five Little Indians is about  five friends who were taken from their families and sent to a residential school when they were very small. Barely out of childhood, they are released without resources and left to establish adult lives on their own in Vancouver. Haunted by the trauma of their childhood, they cross paths over the decades and struggle with the weight of their shared past.  It won Canada Reads 2022. Read an excerpt from this moving novel now!

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