Investigating a new way to publish ebooks

How to Sell Digital Products Online with Squarespace (Version 7.1)

Of course there are online store setups, which I tried years ago and it didn't work, or help... 

there it this:::

The Gumroad Way: Gumroad is a fantastic platform because they make it abundantly clear that they care about their creators.

Start Small :: Learn Quickly 

Sell anything : Video lessons. Monthly subscriptions. Physical products. Whatever! Gumroad was created to help you experiment with all kinds of ideas and formats.

  • Sell your Top 10 lists
  • Sell your crypto tips
  • Sell your fractal pack
  • Sell your keto cookbook
  • Sell your C4D scenes
  • Sell your new emojis
  • Seriously, sell anything!

eBooks represent one of the many fantastic benefits of our tech-centric life: convenience.

By creating and releasing an eBook, you’re giving access to your knowledge in a form that can be consumed on e-readers, phones, tablets, and computers. This means content that your readers can take with them anywhere.

It’s a perfect alternative for introverts and it’s super easy to publish.

Here’s the in-depth guide on creating and publishing an eBook:

  1. Open Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  2. Write the content.
  3. Design a cover on Canva.
  4. Save it as a PDF.
  5. Create a Gumroad account (it takes 2 minutes).
  6. Publish it to Gumroad.
  7. Start selling.

Prices? How much they take?


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OUR BOOKS on sale here
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