"It is Time to tell our own Stories our way"

 I met Drew in the early 2000s. He's wonderful. Check out his website:

The Night Wanderer by Drew Hayden Taylor

The Night Wanderer is a book by Drew Hayden Taylor. (Annick Press)

The Night Wanderer is a YA novel featuring vampires and a dark mystery. A girl named Tiffany lives on the Otter Lake reservation and one day crosses paths with Pierre L'Errant, a vampire returning home after spending hundreds of years abroad. The fateful meeting changes their lives forever.

Drew Hayden Taylor is an Ojibwe playwright, author and journalist from Curve Lake First Nations in Ontario. He has worked on over 17 documentaries examining Indigenous experiences. In 2007, Taylor released his debut YA novel The Night WandererHis other books include Motorcycles & Sweetgrass and Take Us to Your Chief, a collection of Indigenous science-fiction short stories. Taylor was a recipient of a 2021 Indspire Award in the arts category.


👇Read:  They say if you want to be a better writer, you have to become a better reader. So please read these books, and also read what other Indigenous authors have already done.

25 books that highlight the beauty of Indigenous literature: 'It is time to tell our own stories our way.'

Without Reservation is a collection of poetry and prose by Indigenous writers hailing from Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, Samoa and Australia. The book features themes of Indigenous erotica and romance that reflect diverse cultural, gender and sexual perspectives and viewpoints.



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