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Finally in 2018? Diversifying book publishing

9 Publishing Organizations that Promote Diversity Within the Industry

This blog post is part of Chronicle Books blog's ongoing Diversity in Publishing series, focusing on the need for inclusion, equity, and diverse voices within the book industry. Read more posts here.

In the same way that diverse talent databases have started emerging in recent years, so too have a number of organizations dedicated to helping do the much-needed work of diversifying book publishing. It’s encouraging to see these groups of passionate individuals who are organizing and working for change in our industry, and the exciting array of resources, programs, networks, platforms, and events they’re creating.


Children’s Book Council Diversity Committee

In addition to promoting diverse voices, the CBC Diversity group strives to open up the publishing industry to a wider range of employees through recruitment, career fairs, and internship programs.

Latinx In Publishing

From the website: “A network of book professionals committed to supporting and increasing the number of Latino/a/x in the publishing industry, and promoting literature by, for, and about Latino/a/x people.”

Literary Agents of Color

Literary Agents of Color Literary Agents of Color is a directory dedicated to listing and supporting literary agents of color in the publishing industry.

People of Color in Publishing

Grassroots organization created by book publishing professionals dedicated to “supporting, empowering, and uplifting racially and ethnically marginalized members throughout the industry.”

Representation Matters

A mentorship program that connects young people of color interested in careers in publishing with both junior and senior publishing professional mentors.

The Word: A Storytelling Sanctuary

A new non-profit dedicated to promoting voices from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds; launching its first editor-writer mentorship program in 2018.

We Need Diverse Books

The leading organization championing diverse authors and subject matter in children’s publishing, through numerous programs, resources, and more.

Well-Read Black Girl

A book club and digital platform founded to celebrate “the uniqueness of Black literature & sisterhood.” Well-Read Black Girl also hosted its first festival in 2017.

Writing in The Margins

Site dedicated to helping authors from marginalized backgrounds get their stories published. Offers a mentoring program, query contest, and a database of sensitivity readers writers and publishers can hire.

Diversity within the Publishing Industry

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