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Activist Author Announces Project to Count Native Children Adopted into Non-Native Families

Image GREENFIELD, Mass., Dec. 27, 2023 — Adoptee activist, award-winning journalist and author Trace Hentz, who created the American Indian Adoptees  website  in 2009, has announced a new project, “THE COUNT 2024.” It will coincide with the release of a new history book, “Almost Dead Indians: Atrocity” Book 5 in the Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects series. When Hentz moved to Massachusetts in 2004 she began to tirelessly investigate numerous adoption programs, such as the Indian Adoption Projects and ARENA (The Adoption Resource Exchange of America). Both involved moving (trafficking) Native American babies and children across North America into adoptions with non-Native families.  After her 2009 memoir, “One Small Sacrifice” and a second edition, which followed in 2012,  Hentz met more adoptees and asked them to write their personal narratives, which resulted in five anthologies: “Two Worlds: Lost Children” (2012), “Called Home: The RoadMap,” (updated sec

Indigenous writers experiencing a shift with the publishing industry

Wayne Arthurson is writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta until May 31, 2024. “Just find your own path for writing and do it your own way and if that works for you, then that works for you.” —author Wayne Arthurson   By Shari Narine Local Journalism Initiative Reporter | October 19th, 2023  The writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta believes the publishing industry is changing for Indigenous writers. “I think it's growing,” said Wayne Arthurson, who is of Cree and French-Canadian descent. “It used to be, maybe even 10 years ago, they have the one or two big name Indigenous writers … and a lot of publishers didn't look outside that… But now I think it's much more open because there's a lot of Indigenous writers who are having books out there that are successful.” Arthurson has been writing for more than 30 years. Final Season , his first of eigh

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