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KINDLE:  The Last Heir of Merlin by John Christian Hopkins Elvin Priestly stumbles upon an ancient family secret. He finds himself in a strange world where life or death hinges on his ability to claim the power that comes with being The Last Heir of Merlin!   Narragansett Author John Christian Hopkins THE PAPERBACK will be available SOON! This new book will take you deep into a mystery. It's FANTASY FICTION, a classic Hopkins marvel and absolutely a fantastic READ! CHAPTERS Love’s Labours Tossed The King and Tye Birth of a Notion The Merchant of Menace “The Wizard of Ours!” From Here to Fraternity To Have and Have Naught Gone With the Whim Beast of Eden The Seven Year Witch A Hard, Dazed Knight The May Tricks The Lyin’ King Sects & the City Cranky Poodle Dandy Charge of the Flight Brigade A Sweet Cart Named Desire The Lady and the Champ The Three Musky Tears Treasure of Sara Madge Rey Red Bull Without a Cause Hello, Dali! Old T

Native American Literature: Tribes and Tribulations

For Redemption , the first book of my new Native American suspense thriller series, I feature the Taos Pueblo Reservation, located in northern New Mexico—a Native tribe that relies on the verbal art of storytelling to keep their culture alive. As a part Eastern Band Cherokee writer, it can be a tightrope dance deciding what to present to the outside world. Traditions and cultures established hundreds upon hundreds of years ago are to be protected, and yet if we do not share, no one knows what could be lost. The books below are written by Natives, about their land and what it means to be a member of a tribe, which illustrates whether Native or not, we all have a story that unites us—either by blood, or circumstances. Each of these books ease back the curtain so we can glimpse an existence readers are not usually privy to. The regions are varied, each character unique, and yet each of these writers open their arms and invite you in. If not for understanding, at least

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