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GIVING VOICE TO INDIGENOUS CHILDREN: Spotlight on Rebecca Thomas (Mi’kmaw)

The author’s picture book helps Indigenous children see themselves in familiar stories Sponsored by Annick Press
Picture books help children learn about their identity, navigate new situations, and embrace themselves through relatable characters who are facing new challenges. If someone is not represented in books, those lessons can be more difficult to internalize.

To expand these opportunities for Indigenous children, whose stories and unique challenges are underrepresented in picture books, Rebecca Thomas created Swift Fox All Along, the story of a young girl who meets her Mi’kmaw family for the first time after growing up offreserve. "Representation is crucial for young Indigenous people," Thomas says. "I never saw anyone who looked like me or had a similar experience growing up represented in books, movies, or TV."

Those of her books that did include Indigenous people often portrayed these characters as historical figures and as belonging to…

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I don't push people to buy chapbooks I write. I want to give them as gifts. I plan to print out 100 copies. That's it.

Becoming: Then it Hit Me (MMXX) is out today in both paperback and ebook.

There are short stories (hybrid memoir), and lots about my life today...

ABOUT The Book

Trace L Hentz’s BECOMING: Then it Hit Me MMXX is a fierce uplifting hybrid memoir that is wholly unique to the award winning Native journalist’s lived experiences as a curious but traumatized child/adoptee, as a young actor and rock musician traveling the states, as a wife and grandmother, and as a working writer-publisher-blogger. Weaving together true stories and conversations, Hentz addresses themes of opening her adoption, identity, family reunions, transformation, spirituality, a sense of home, and claiming an identity in her two worlds. Becoming is about becoming the change… Writing about how she got the name Lethal Journalist and her foray into becoming a news editor, Terror Bunny is …

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Hyperallergic's film reviews will be listed on Rotten Tomatoes
Yesterday, we also published a report on why many independent publishers are giving up Amazon to use Bookshop, a new service that shares 75% of book sales with publishers (far more than Amazon). We also announced this week that Hyperallergic will now use Bookshop links whenever possible going forward.
Consequently, we’re happy to share that we will now be working with Bookshop to support our colleagues at small presses, wherever possible. This decision comes in response to an initiative led by Ugly Duckling Presse, a nonprofit publisher of poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, and artist books based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Together with a group of over 30 small presses, they recently issued a collective call for independent media outlets and book reviewers to  “rethink [their] links” and help mitigate the damaging effects of linking book pages to tech behemot…

Why Hardcover Books Are Published First (by Big Publishing Houses)

Despite their popularity, it's still impossible to find paperback versions of many new books when they debut. It's a common practice among publishers to release new titles as hardcovers and publish the paperback edition about a year after the initial print run. People who do their reading at the beach or on the subway may not be happy about it, but the financial benefits of this model mean it likely isn't going away any time soon.
"While a hardcover book is more expensive to print than a paperback, the publisher does traditionally make more money on that edition, allowing them to earn back the author's advance and the costs they incurred for printing, shipping, marketing, and distribution," Dinah Dunn, a partner at the book packager Indelible Editions, tells Mental Floss.
Source: Why Hardcover Books Are Published First | Mental Floss

Blue Hand Books doesn't do hardcovers.