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Gwich’in author Matt Gilbert aims for the universe, and beyond

Posted by KCAW News | May 2023 Gilbert’s “Chandera” trilogy is actually a five-parter: He’s working on two more books. An Indigenous Alaskan author is hoping to breakthrough into popular fiction. Matt Gilbert already has a pair of significant nonfiction books under his belt, but he wouldn’t mind crossing over into film work or novels set in a galaxy far, far away – in a genre that might be known one day as Gwich’in Sci-Fi. Note: Matt Gilbert’s science fiction is available under his pen name “Wolf Golan” online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. His nonfiction books can be obtained both online and from bookstores everywhere. Matt Gilbert has written the serious stuff. The 2005 graduate of the University of Alaska in English Literature just published The Gwich’in Climate Report (University of Colorado Press, 2023), a compilation of his interviews with Athabaskan community members, hunters, and trappers on regional adaptation to climate change. An earlier book, Sitting at Thei

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