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A Rez Tale debuts on Smashwords

 REZ TALE debut reading! Blog: roninredshade “A Rez Tale” is the debut novel from Northern Arapaho filmmaker, artist, writer, and media educator Ernest M Whiteman III. It is a tale of two friends on the Wind River Indian Reservation, whose friendship changes through the years, leading up to an event that both changes their lives, and sets them on opposite trajectories in life. Join Ernest on December 5, 2020 at 5:00pm (CST) as he reads the first few chapters of his novel. This is his first self-published novel and it will go one sale on Smashwords on that same day. The first 10 ticket holders will get a coupon code to SmashWords for a free digital copy. Get tickets BY CLICKING HERE . We hope to see you there! Ernest M Whiteman III (Northern Arapaho) Redshade Productions Redshade Productions on YouTube Redshade Productions Official Site  

Dawnland Voices

BUY Dawnland Voices calls attention to the little-known but extraordinarily rich literary traditions of New England's Native Americans. This pathbreaking anthology includes both classic and contemporary literary works from ten New England indigenous nations: the Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi'kmaq, Mohegan, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Schaghticoke, and Wampanoag.  Through literary collaboration and recovery, Siobhan Senier and Native tribal historians and scholars have crafted a unique volume covering a variety of genres and historical periods. From the earliest petroglyphs and petitions to contemporary stories and hip-hop poetry, this volume highlights the diversity and strength of New England Native literary traditions. Dawnland Voices introduces readers to the compelling and unique literary heritage in New England, banishing the misconception that "real" Indians and their traditions vanished from that region centuries ago. Siobhan Senier is

The First Thanksgiving

BUY AT BOOKSHOP   By John Christian Hopkins (Blue Hand Books author*)   Just think of the long odds the Pilgrim’s faced in their fight for survival. First off, there was bad planning. The Mayflower arrived off the coast of New England just as a bitter New England winter was coming. The Pilgrims were not prepared, lacking winter clothing, adequate food supplies and the skills necessary to survive in the wild. Most of the immigrants were tradesmen or shopkeepers and knew little of hunting, farming or existing in a hostile land. Even if they knew what crops could grow in the new land, they landed much too late to plant crops. So how did they survive? There was luck and fate, slavery … and a little grave robbing. The Pilgrim’s string of unbelievable luck began as soon as they landed near Plimouth Rock. Lo and behold, they found themselves next to an abandoned Indian village. With winter coming they found empty dwellings waiting for them! How did that happen? The village had been hom

3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers :: big gift ideas

                      click Winner of the 2018 Maine Literary Award for Anthology from Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance! While much attention focuses on the southern border of the United States, 3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writer s turns to the northeast, where Canada and New England share borders, blood, and heritage. The land is disputed in places, in others the US and Canada share responsibility, and Tribal Lands reside as sovereign nations within their borders. The poems, essays, and short stories in 3 Nations Anthology explore the things that divide, the bridges between, and the intense love of this rugged region the people hold in common. Edited by Valerie Lawson , authors of 3 Nations Anthology range from those for whom this book will be their first publication to a Pulitzer Prize nominee. They include: Kathleen Ellis , Stephanie S. Gough , Grey Held , Leonore Hildebrandt , Carol Hobbs , Paul

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Shop Native-made | Hear Native Stories!

.SHOP NATIVE. Design brand Eighth Generation ( owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe ) launches a new collection of wool blankets made in Seattle. Shown here is a baby blanket designed by textile artist Gail White Eagle (Muckleshoot and Chehalis). (Emilia Wronski/ Eighth Generation) via   HEAR NATIVE STORIES Changer and the Star People  “This is a moment for storytelling,” theater maker Fern Naomi Renville  (Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate/ Omaha/Seneca Cayuga) told me recently. By “this” she meant the coronavirus closures that have kept plays like Changer and the Star People — an Indigenous Futurist play featuring Dakota and Coast Salish origin stories — off th


** Rebecca is lighting a new fire in COMICS! Rebecca Roanhorse is a NYTimes bestselling and Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award-winning speculative fiction writer and the recipient of the 2018 Astounding (Campbell) Award for Best New Writer. Rebecca has published multiple award-winning short stories and five novels, including two in The Sixth World Series, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn , Race to the Sun for the Rick Riordan imprint, and her latest novel, the epic fantasy Black Sun . She has also written for Marvel Comics and for television, and had projects optioned by Amazon Studios, Netflix, and Paramount TV. Find her Fiction & Non-Fiction HERE. She lives in Northern New Mexico with her husband, daughter, and pup. She drinks a lot of black coffee. Find more at and on Twitter at @RoanhorseBex.   BLACK SUN and SIXTH WORLD You can purchase signed hard cover copies of my novels, including BLACK SUN and the boo

No funny Native Women? (wrong) Tiffany Midge is hilarious

Why is there no Native woman David Sedaris? Or Native Anne Lamott? Humor categories in publishing are packed with books by funny women and humorous sociocultural-political commentary--but no Native women. There are presumably more important concerns in Indian Country. More important than humor? Among the Diné/Navajo, a ceremony is held in honor of a baby's first laugh. While the context is different, it nonetheless reminds us that laughter is precious, even sacred. Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese's is a powerful and compelling collection of Tiffany Midge's musings on life, politics, and identity as a Native woman in America. Artfully blending sly humor, social commentary, and meditations on love and loss, Midge weaves short, stand-alone musings into a memoir that stares down colonialism while chastising hipsters for abusing pumpkin spice. She explains why she does not like pussy hats, mercilessly dismantles pretendians, and confesses her ow

Meet Bookshop _ Blue Hand Collective JOINS them!

BLUE HAND BOOKS HAS OPENED AN AFFILIATE SHOP ON BOOKSHOP go look!    **we will be adding our book titles asap More often than not, when people buy books online, they do so by clicking little thumbnails of novels and essay collections on Amazon’s website. Those thumbnails then materialize as physical copies on their doorsteps in a matter of days. Easy-peasy. The online retailer is the most dominant force in American bookselling today, accounting for over 90 percent of ebooks and audiobooks, and around 42 to 45 percent of print sales, according to BookStat. Into this fray jumps a new online retailer, Bookshop, which is betting that people will see the value in choosing to buy somewhere else—at a business meant to give independent booksellers a chance to grab back some of the market share.  “It's not really about disrupting an industry,” CEO Andy Hunter says. “It's about reinforcing an industry. Bookshop is about pulling back from the disruptive influence of Amazon.” GOOD NEWS!

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