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SURVIVAL FOOD | Native author Tom Pecore Weso (Menominee)

   Courtesy Wisconsin Historical Society Press A new memoir called SURVIVAL FOOD shares tales from growing up on the Menominee Indian Reservation. The author, Thomas Weso, was born in 1953.  He passed away in July before the book was published. Thomas Weso grew up in a time of economic transformation – when commodity goods were eaten alongside game from Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  And then there was the rise of processed foods. He often wrote about food. Here he is speaking in a 2021 interview with Wisconsin Historical Society Press. “We should think about where food comes from. Because if we think where food comes from, we’ll take better care of the land around us.” Weso’s wife, the writer Denise Low, says he was interested in writing about Indigenous people in the present. “He had a very zen sense of like, “What’s here now?” and not “what were Indians like, or Indigenous people like, 100 years ago? Here we are now.” Thomas Pecore Weso (1953-2023) was an author, educator, arti

Where to submit your writing?

 sent from Coverstory Books Short Story Anthology Deadline: 11/30/2023 Submission Link: Coverstory Books Short Story Anthology Genre: Short Stories Meadowlark Press Birdy Poetry Prize Deadline: 12/1/2023 Submission Link: Meadowlark Press Birdy Poetry Prize Entry Fee: $25 First Prize: $1,000, 50 copies Genre: Poetry Collections Story Foundation Prize Deadline: 12/15/2023 Submission Link: Story Foundation Prize Entry Fee: $25 First Prize: $1,500 Genre: Short Stories Good Hart Artist Residency Location: Good Hart, MI Deadline: 1/8/2024 Submission Link: Good Hart Artist Residency Application Fee: $25 Five Points James Dickey Prize for Poetry Deadline: 12/1/2023 Submission Link: Five Points James Dickey Prize for Poetry Entry Fee: $25 First Prize: $1,000 Genre: Poetry Slipstream Press Poetry Chapbook Contest Deadline: 12/1/2023 Submission Link: Slipstream Press Poetry Chapbook Contest Entry Fee: $20 First Priz

Virtual Reading and Conversation with Oscar Hokeah

Invitation to: Virtual Reading and Conversation with Oscar Hokeah (Cherokee/Kiowa), author of the award winning novel --Calling for a Blanket Dance— Cherokee/Kiowa author Oscar Hokeah reads from his award winning debut novel and is in conversation with KU students. Nov 22, 2023, 6:00 pm CET Zoom link: Winner of the PEN America/Hemingway Award for Debut Novel “A profound reflection on the intergenerational nature of cultural trauma… Hokeah’s characters exist at the intersection of Kiowa, Cherokee and Mexican identity, which provides a vital exploration of indigeneity in contemporary American letters.” —The New York Times Book Review About the novel: Oscar Hokeah’s electric debut takes us into the life of Ever Geimausaddle, whose family—part Mexican, part Native American—is determined to hold onto their community despite obstacles everywhere they turn. Ever’s father is injured at the hands of corrupt police on the border when he goes to visi


We started in 2011 - John Christian Hopkins and me. We did his book Twilight of the Gods. We published it and Blue Hand Books was born on 11-11-11! To me, to decolonize is to do things "Our Way." We could have published with one of the 4 big publishers and never been paid a dime... Publishing is not for everyone and there is definitely censorship in WHAT can be published and by whom... - TLH Wanna know more - read the HISTORY of BHB👇  (I just noticed the pages (links) are not working on this website - on my computer. Will fix that - 😠 to blogger. TLH) FAVORITE QUOTE: Nicola I. Campbell I heard an elder speak of the importance of our languages and our culture. He said, “Our words are powerful; our stories are elastic; our languages are music: they dance, they move and they are medicine for our people. He said they are a spirit within themselves and we are only the channel that brings them to life.” I write because I know what he said is true. Q&A with foun

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