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Anishinabe author Jesse Wente: Unreconciled, a memoir

 Watching Star Wars led Jesse Wente on a journey in search of Indigenous identity, truth and joy 'The reason I want Indigenous joy to be seen is because we're more than our tragedies...we're fully human' CBC Radio ·  September 17 Jesse Wente is a First Nations Canadian arts journalist and chairperson of the Canada Council for the Arts. (Red Works 2021) 20:49 Jesse Wente on Unreconciled: Family, Truth, and Indigenous Resistance Jesse Wente is an Anishinaabe writer, broadcaster and arts leader. He's best known for the more than two decades he's spent as a columnist for CBC Radio's   Metro Morning . He has also worked at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2018, he was named the first executive director of the Indigenous Screen Office and in January of 2020, he was appointed chair of the Canada Council for the Arts. When he was just three years old, Wente fell in love with the 1977 epic space-opera film  Star Wars . He remembers it fondly be

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