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Wandering Stars

  Wandering Stars , the new novel by Tommy Orange (Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma), weaves together the complex history of the Boarding School Era as witnessed by the ancestors to the characters in his best-selling debut novel, There, There .  The experiences make up a constellation of experiences that define the characters and inform how all of us understand modern Native existence as only Orange’s prose can. "No one knows how to express tenderness and yearning like Tommy Orange. With an all-seeing heart, he traces historical and contemporary cruelties, vagaries, salvations and solutions visited upon young Cheyenne people, who cope with the impossible. In them, Tommy finds the unnerving strength that results when a broken spirit mends itself, when a wandering star finds its place, when, in spite of everything, Native people manage to survive." —Louise Erdrich The Pulitzer Prize-finalist and author of the breakout bestseller There There delivers a mast

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