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Go Child

It is bittersweet to leave the reservation. The home you are so familiar with You see news from home and feel guilt by association It is the only place you have ever known That has been the one place you can call home There is that feeling when you leave It is for the best you want to believe You hope that is what others perceive You don’t want to be that “City Indian” That feels guilt within But then you see your friends dying You see their grandmothers crying You see tribal council talking in circles They wear their Indian print shirts and get real verbal Break promises like the government taught them Talk about what can’t be done instead of what can Yes, you feel guilty when you leave the reservation But go child, and get that education Because the only way you can help your people Is when you learn to fly like an eagle Home will always be there Waiting for those who care Go child, do what you have to do Generations depend on you Your ancestors are proud o

Blue News:Notes

  Words of Black Elk #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP — Indigenous (@AmericanIndian8) July 11, 2022 (that photo above is John Fire Lame Deer.) Ada Limón is our new U.S. poet laureate! “I am humbled by this opportunity to work in the service of poetry and to amplify poetry’s ability to restore our humanity and our relationship to the world around us." Read more: — Poets & Writers (@poetswritersinc) July 12, 2022 Merilyn French’s From Eve to Dawn (all 3 original volumes), a shocking history of the treatment of women in many societies from the get-go, is very useful for those who want to do deep dives into the past. — Margaret E. Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) July 12, 2022 Wendell Berry — Dr. Joshua Bennett (@SirJoshBennett) July 11, 2022   Bookstores are roaring back in "a rally like we've never seen before" -- and as the number of stores has grown, the business

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