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AI: It's bad news for all humans/writers | Say No to ChatGPT

AI destroyed both By Trace Hentz, founder of BHB I can only speak for myself - I WILL NEVER EVER use AI to generate any writing. I never have, and never will. First, I would feel so duped (cheated, scammed) to find out a book was written by artificial intelligence (AI) but has some famous author's name on it. (I really don't read much fiction but this affects all types of books. Publishers out to make a quick buck could find ways to create new fake authors,too.) Secondly, AI is not human. Sad to say, I think AI has already destroyed book publishing. AI has been around awhile. We don't really know how many authors have already used it - or will even admit it. It could be widespread already.  When I found out google and microsoft bing, (even wordpress) are using AI, I stopped searching with them. DUPED? How would you feel if your favorite writer didn't write his last book but you spent good money to buy it? Wouldn't you be ANGRY? If a writer DOES use AI to create a bo

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