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Eric Gansworth | Apple (skin to the core)

How about a book that makes you barge into your boss's office to read a page of poetry from? That you dream of? That every movie, song, book, moment that follows continues to evoke in some way? The term "Apple" is a slur in Native communities across the country. It's for someone supposedly "red on the outside, white on the inside." Eric Gansworth is telling his story in Apple (Skin to the Core) . The story of his family, of Onondaga among Tuscaroras, of Native folks everywhere. From the horrible legacy of the government boarding schools, to a boy watching his siblings leave and return and leave again, to a young man fighting to be an artist who balances multiple worlds. Eric shatters that slur and reclaims it in verse and prose and imagery that truly lives up to the word heartbreaking.  About the Author Eric Gansworth, S˙ha-weñ na-saeˀ, is an enrolled Onondaga writer and visual artist, raised at the Tuscarora Nation. H

First Nation Authors Joshua Whitehead and Susan Power

About the Author Joshua Whitehead is an Oji-nêhiyaw, Two-Spirit member of Peguis First Nation (Treaty 1). He is the author of the poetry collection  full-metal indigiqueer and the novel  Jonny Appleseed .   Jonny Appleseed  won the Lambda Literary Award for gay fiction. Jonny Appleseed ,  was longlisted for the 2018 Scotiabank Giller Prize and was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction and the the Amazon Canada First Novel Award. His forthcoming work, Making Love With the Land , is set to be published in 2021. READ THIS INTERVIEW   Joshua also contributed to the anthology STOLEN GENERATIONS, published by Blue Hand Books!   Love After the End: An Anthology of Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer Speculative Fiction Edited by Joshua Whitehead As I was reading Love after the End , I was reminded just how colonialist SFF often is as a genre, whether it’s about “conquering new worlds” and literally establishing colonies,

Tommy Pico (Viejas Tribal Nation of the Kumeyaay nation) | Poets with Attitude

Tommy Teebs Pico was a Queer/Art/Mentors inaugural fellow, a 2013 Lambda Literary fellow in poetry, and has poems in BOMB, Guernica, and the Offing. Originally from the Viejas Indian reservation of the Kumeyaay nation, he now lives in Brooklyn and with Morgan Parker co-curates the reading series Poets With Attitude (PWA).  Image: Interview Magazine 2019 - Tommy Pico is author of the books IRL, Nature Poem, Junk , and Feed . Originally from the Viejas Indian reservation of the Kumeyaay nation, he now splits his time between Los Angeles and Brooklyn. He co-curates the reading series “Poets with Attitude,” co-hosts the podcast Food 4 Thot , and is a contributing editor at Literary Hub . Tags: Writing , Process , Beginnings , Adversity , Success , Identity As told to Ruby Brunton ON BOOKSHOP   Interview On not wasting any time Writer Tommy Pico on moving from poetry into screenwriting, and what it means to shake off imposter syndrome

Shawnee Rising | Shawnee artist Michael Daugherty

Shawnee artist Michael Daugherty shares stories, rants, and personal thoughts about who he is and what it means to be an artist and Shawnee. Podcast  read his poem Only Indians can Talk to Animals SUPPORT HIS WORK! He's Wonderful!  VISIT HIS SHOP Michael Daugherty is an enrolled member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, one of three federally recognized Shawnee Tribes. As an aspiring Shawnee artist, Michael also dreams of becoming a writer, filmmaker, and comic book creator. He loves creating new and meaningful art and he wants his art to reflect who he is as a Shawnee.   In December of 2016, Michael self-published his first children’s book on called The Snake Hunter , about a little Shawnee boy named Eli Tecumseh who dreams of being a brave water protector like his dad, who is away fighting the “black snakes” that are destroying Mother Earth.   His second children’s book, Koko’s Secret Treasure , followed a few month

Essential podcasts from Indian Country!

  From Indigenous feminism to the real story of Thanksgiving to a de-colonialist take on Star Trek, these podcasts show how the issues facing Native people affect all Americans. The Cuts With Sterlin Harjo Filmmaker Sterlin Harjo’s podcast, in which he conducts comfortable, intimate conversations with guests including Academy Award–winning director Taika Waititi and U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, was one of Matika Wilbur’s inspirations for starting All My Relations. “[ The Cuts ] was the first Native podcast I ever found,” Wilbur said. “I would play the episodes on repeat because sometimes as I was traveling for Project 562 , I’d be alone in spaces like an airport or on a long road where I’d feel like I was the only Native person in the room, and it just brought me so much comfort.” Listen: “ Shan Goshorn: The Only and Only ” Support The Cuts With Sterlin Harjo (Indian and Cowboy Media Network)   GREAT READ: Seven Essential Listens From the Indigenous Podcasting Boom | Vanity

Native Trailblazers: Voices of Power

                                   Learn about the life events and aspirations that shaped the voices of ten influential Native writers, whose novels, short stories and plays encompass the soul of Native life. Learn how these writers draw from personal experience to create situations and characters that are entertaining and poignant.  Featured writers include: Sherman Alexie (Spokane/Coeur d'Alene)  Marilyn Dumont (Cree/Métis) Joseph Boyden (Cree/Métis)  Louise Erdrich (Ojibwa) Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki)  Tomson Highway (Cree) Maria Campbell (Métis)  N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa/Cherokee) Nicola Campbell (Interior Salish of Nle7kepmx) Tim Tingle (Choctaw) [Thompson] and Nsilx [Okanagan]/Métis)  Many individuals portrayed in the Native Trailblazers series surmounted adversity and humble beginnings in their journey for personal success. The Trailblazer books feature positive role models for Native students while providing non-

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