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Buffalo Dreams is now available! Price reduced on both ebook and paperback!

"Buffalo Dreams" ebook by our Blue Indians author Jaga'de is available in the Kindle Store here .  Price :$3.99. PRICE REDUCED! Jaga'de explains: Dreams are a great source of healing.  Often they will exaggerate to get your attention. This book is an attempt to help people realize the importance of dreams in our daily lives. When I lost my beloved husband of 42 years, grief took on an aspect I did not imagine.  I had grieved more for my dogs than for human beings.  My husband’s walking on left me staggering in unexpected ways, ways in which I could not have prepared myself.  It was as if the world had blown up and me with it.  The pieces are still falling out of the sky.  And yet, I have learned so much in the two years of sorrow.  I have lost, but I have also gained. Once again a dream gave me strength to go on. Perhaps you have a question you would like to have answered.  The answers can come at any time, in many ways.  The answer just peeks

Vine Deloria on Native Americans (1972) - The Best Documentary Ever


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OUR BOOKS on sale here
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