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Has this happened to your book?

Indie authors are being targeted by thieves who impersonate them online, then collect royalties on their books. Learn how to detect and stop book counterfeiting. Long story made short, Amazon may confiscate royalties from infringing copies of your book and pay them to you, but you’ll need to follow their procedures to the letter: You must fill out Amazon’s online copyright infringement complaint form , or send a written claim to Amazon’s legal department . You must file a separate complaint for each Amazon territory (,,,, etc.) You must explicitly request reassignment of the infringing copy’s royalties. Amazon rarely volunteers this information, so it pays to be aware of your rights. MUST READ: Piracy, Plagiarism, and Impersonation - Part 3 of 3 | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

Sennah Yee - How Do I Look? (Book Trailer)


Finally in 2018? Diversifying book publishing

9 Publishing Organizations that Promote Diversity Within the Industry LINK This blog post is part of Chronicle Books blog's ongoing Diversity in Publishing series, focusing on the need for inclusion, equity, and diverse voices within the book industry. Read more posts here . In the same way that diverse talent databases have started emerging in recent years, so too have a number of organizations dedicated to helping do the much-needed work of diversifying book publishing . It’s encouraging to see these groups of passionate individuals who are organizing and working for change in our industry, and the exciting array of resources, programs, networks, platforms, and events they’re creating. CLICK ON LINKS Below↓

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