11-11-11 (Jan. 22, 2012 announcement)

Original post announcing BHB

OK - I birthed a brand new company called Blue Hand Books on 11-11-11! Yes, I did! It was synchronicity in the way it all happened.  I've known John C. Hopkins (Narragansett) since 2001 when we worked together at the Pequot Times.  John was on the East Coast with his Navajo wife Sara last year and mentioned he had a book ready!  I said, "Let me publish it" and so the story goes...
A blue hand came to me in a dream in late 2010! I actually saw it! I drew a card with a blue hand and sent to my Oglala sister Ellowyn.
Our  blue logo is actually a Mayan  glyph for the exact time we are living in - in relation to the Mayan calendar - and get this - more synchronicity!

John's new ebook is a fiction-thriller- murder mystery about Armageddon, Mayan prophecy, Norse mythology, End Times, 2012, and all the rest. He got a 5 Star review on Amazon for Twilight of the Gods - his first review for Twilight of the Gods. Nice!

More about how good this worked out: my good friend Barb Burke (also an author) designed John's book cover and I edited and formatted then uploaded it to Kindle and Lulu.com and we launched our new company 11-11-11. 
(But we switched his book to Create Space (amazon) shortly after.)

Amazon also has free apps to download when you visit www.amazon.com, if you don't have a Kindle.

AND--- We are seeking more Native (Indigenous) authors who wish to publish ebooks/paperbacks. We set up Blue Hand Books like a collective - so once you are published with us - you can stay with us and publish more ebooks and also help us as we need you to (with PR and tweeting) ...which makes for a nice circus.  You can live anywhere on the planet and join us!

With our first book out - we are already at work on three new ebooks by Native authors! Click on book cover to go to Amazon. I can loan it to you if you'd like to write a review!
So, I am celebrating - we made it happen!
We will keep you posted on this blog of new authors and new ebooks!
Lara/Trace, Blue Hand Books Founder

P.S. - we are accepting emails and submissions (all genres) here: bluehandcollective@outlook.com - send us a query letter and a sample chapter and we will email you back within a week.

All Our Relations! JOIN US! It is a good day!


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