Extraordinary writers we represent and publish:
Dana Lone Hill is Lakota. She passed in 2019.

Jim Chavers is Ojibwe

Trace Lara Hentz, a mix of Euro-Indigenous (she has republished SLEEPS WITH KNIVES) (Pen name was Laramie Harlow) See the book series Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects

John Christian Hopkins is Narragansett
(No photo: Deborah Spears-Moorehead, author of Finding Balance is Wampanoag.)

Charles Grolla is Ojibwe

Barbara Robidoux is a mix: Cherokee-Euro.
Blue Hand Books is a collective that helped Native American authors publish their paperbacks and ebooks (Kindle and more) using KDP/Amazon and doing the formatting and pre-press production with PressBooks in Montreal, Quebec.
Amazon is ruthless so we are looking at new ways to publish our titles. GO TO BOOKSHOP!

Trace Lara Hentz (formerly DeMeyer), is the founder.

"It’s about finding the nerve your book strikes and going after it."

Blue Hand Books



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OUR BOOKS on sale here
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