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In 2019, we are upping the game - first that new name! Authors will have to negotiate an upfront cash payment for editing, interior book layout, the e-book epub, an author book website, ISBN, and book cover design with Trace, etc... She will help you set up an account with Amazon's KDP to produce the ebook then a paperback. 

Email: bluehandcollective@outlook.com

click: Here is a publisher in New York 

There are quite a number of online resources for finding markets for your creative work. Some, like Submittable, offer the ability to conveniently track your submissions.

  • All Freelance offers a market directory with an advanced search feature.  It also posts other helpful information focused on the concerns of freelancers.
  • The Burry Man Writers Center (Scotland) serves “a worldwide community of writers” and publishes freelance job links, resources for fiction and nonfiction writers, playwrights, and screen writers.
  • CBC provides A Guide to Canadian Literary Magazines and Journals open to submissions.
  • Dark Markets offers lists for horror genre including publishers, contests, magazines and zines.
  • Duotrope boasts that its site publishes 7,000 listings of active publishers and agents for writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction encompassing literary, genre and academic. It also has listings for the visual arts and provides an advanced search feature, a submission tracker, and interviews with editors. There is a free trial period after which you pay $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • JBWB (UK) publishes listings for short stories, novels, non-fiction, poetry, agents, small press, US, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • The Market List is a resource for genre fiction offering relevant listings including agents.
  • Poets & Writers Magazine publishes listings for small presses, literary agents, editors, contests, grants and awards.
  • Speculative Literature Foundation promotes speculative fiction and publishes relevant market listings.
  • Writers Write shares a list of paying markets.
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  Update on Kindle:

Kindle Create Now Also Available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish 

We launched Kindle Create in December and thousands of KDP authors have since used Kindle Create to help them publish their eBooks. Thanks to their feedback, the latest version of Kindle Create now includes support for formatting eBooks written in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch languages, in addition to English. The Kindle Create interface is also available in these languages. With Kindle Create you can:
  • Automatically find chapter titles and create a Kindle table of contents
  • Review and select visual themes designed to suit the genre of your eBook
  • Preview your eBook to see what readers will see—and make the changes you want
  • Quickly format using various book elements like First paragraph, blockquote, separators and more
Kindle Create works with .doc and .docx files exported from any source, including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and other applications. It also supports creation of interactive textbooks from PDFs. Kindle Create is available for PC (Windows 7 and above) and MacOS (10.11 and above).
More information about Kindle Create is available here.
For any questions or feedback, please click here to contact us.

Preview and validate your books faster with Kindle Previewer 3!

You can now use Kindle Previewer to get a bird’s eye view of your book and quickly validate the overall layout. When Enhanced Typesetting is enabled for your book, you can preview pages as adjustable thumbnails, allowing you to validate your book faster than before. The new update lets you:
  • Review multiple pages at once, with the ability to adjust the size of the preview pages to your preference.
  • Easily identify and preview key aspects of your Enhanced Typesetting enabled book, such as images, links, tables, lists, drop caps and table of contents.
For more information, click here to visit our help page.
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Here’s what the author "sell sheet" needs:

  • Book cover image 
  • Author photo
  • Description of contents
  • Author credentials
  • Contact information
  • Detailed title information including:
  • Publication date and genre
  • ISBN and pricing
  • Formats
  • Retail outlets


How to write a book synopsis

A quick Internet search returns plenty of articles and advice on how to write a great book synopsis — mostly geared toward sharing your book with an agent or editor as a means of selling your book. (Here’s one by Jane Friedman, another by Marissa Meyer, another from NowNovel.com, and here’s a collection of synopses that won their authors contracts with agents and publishers.


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