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We did publish Two Worlds: Lost Children (Second Edition) on KOBO in Canada in 2017.
These are our current stats:
#3671 in Biography & Memoir, Historical#181 in Nonfiction, History, Americas, North America#297 in Nonfiction, History, Canada You can also set up an account and do your ebook. HERE LINK TO BUY:  

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Borderline: Invisible #poemenvylopes

This makes too much sense... too much OVER THE TOP marketing and 1 million new books a year - this has obviously tanked our author's book sales.
And you know what? We here at Blue Indians will continue, as we have since 2011... we will NOT stop.
I have a short book out now. And plan more.   Trace

THIS is the most important commentary on publishing I have EVER read.↓

A Writer’s Choice to Be Borderline InvisibleSmall presses and editions remind us that that we’re free to stay below the radar in an age of self-promotion. John Yau “Hell0 Please Remove Shoes” (all images courtesy Margaret Galey)Cid Corman started the magazine Origin in 1951. With a few interruptions, he continued to publish it until 1984, often while he was living outside of the United States, in Matera, Italy, and Kyoto, Japan. As far as I know, Corman, who believed there were only 300 people who read poetry, did not increase the size of the edition as the years passed. Many of his own books were printed in edit…

Charles Grolla

Charles Grolla's Ojibwe name is Ogimaagiizhig (Boss of the Sky) and he is of the Adik (Caribou) clan or totem.  He is an enrolled member of the Bois Forte reservation in Minnesota and was raised mainly on the Red Lake reservation in Minnesota.  While growing up in the Bikwaakwaang (West End) area of the Red Lake reservation, Charles became a contending player of Ojibwe style moccasin game before the age of 14.  Charles graduated from Red Lake High School and completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Ojibwe Language at Bemidji State University.  Retiring after 17 years of service from the Red Lake Police Department, first as a police officer then as a conservation officer, he started a new career and is currently a teacher at Cass Lake – Bena High School where he teaches Ojibwe language, culture, and moccasin game.

Charles is a lifetime hunter, trapper, fisherman, and moccasin game player.  As a child, besides moccasin game,  growing up his favor…

Trace Hentz


Trace is not retired... she is still writing! 
Are you read to publish a new book? Email her:

Dana Lone Hill

An Inspiring Lakota Writer, Activist

John Christian Hopkins

John Christian Hopkins, a member of the Rhode Island Narragansett Indian Tribe, is a descendant of King Ninigret, patriarch of the tribe’s last hereditary royal family. Hopkins is a career journalist who has worked at newspapers across the U.S. and has been a nationally syndicated columnist for Gannett News Service. He and his wife Sararesa live on her Navajo reservation in Arizona.

Blue Indians Collective needs a logo ! 🔺!

Since it's 02019 - we are reopening as Blue Indians Books, aka Blue Indians Collective.


Yup, the best writers in Indian Country are back.

Or perhaps they never left?

Trace (aka Blue Indians Editor)


WHY? Our favorite poet-author JOHN TRUDELL (1946-2015)
"I called the album Blue Indians because there is a kind of spiritual and cultural genocide perpetrated on everyone that is poor in this country,” Trudell said. “The advance of technology has put all of us on a kind of reservation.  These are the people who can’t educate their children, or afford health care. They’ve been robbed of life, which is what happened to Native people, so in that context, we’re all Indians.” [About six months after the deaths of his family, John Trudell started writing poetry. He described his work, "They're called poems, but in reality they're lines given to me to hang on to."]

Hentz releases new creative non-fiction (NEW! REVIEW!)

Update from Trace

HER LATEST BOOK: Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte
This TWIN book is a collection of factoids, thoughts, quips, code, quotes, photos, thought bombs, creative non-fiction, Native American history and prose. And it’s short. Musqonichte translates Blue Sky.
ISBN: 9781731074010 First Edition
FREE BOOK REVIEW PDF: Shoot me an email. (

If you want to buy a signed copy, paypal me: $6.00 (send money to via paypal)

Available at this website via the Amazon links.

Here is the Preface:

Not good news

Not good news

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OUR BOOKS on sale here

OUR BOOKS on sale here
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