Never Whistle at Night: Canada First Nations Dark Fiction


Tension, horror and then terror are the elements of a good scary story, and Never Whistle at Night has it all in 26 tales that will keep readers turning the pages and listening for things that go bump in the dark.  Co-editor Shane Hawk talks with Windspeaker about the collection.

Gatekeepers, says Shane Hawk, co-editor of the dark fiction anthology Never Whistle at Night, are one reason why Indigenous writers have only broken into the horror genre in the last decade or so.

“I think it's a marketability thing where there’s been historically gatekeepers who have allowed who can be published,” said Hawk.

“I think now more people are seeing that, ‘hey, Indigenous people can write genre as well’,” says Hawk, who calls San Diego home.

He and co-editor Theodore G. Van Alst Jr. were in the position of gatekeepers in 2021 when they put out an open call for emerging Indigenous writers to submit something “dark and scary.” Hawk admits he didn’t know what kind of response they would get, and they had a hard time selecting from the more than 100 submissions received.




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