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HER LATEST BOOK: Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte 

This TWIN book is a collection of factoids, thoughts, quips, code, quotes, photos, thought bombs, creative non-fiction, Native American history and prose. And it’s short.
 Musqonichte translates Blue Sky.

ISBN: 9781731074010
First Edition

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Here is the Preface:

“We could not understand the invaders, or their numbers, or what they wanted. Not at first.  We tried everything.  We could not understand them. We tried to make peace, as best we could.  Communicating, language was always a problem. They took captives so we took captives.  They shot us where we stood.  We shot back.  They hunted us like wolves and deer.  They hid our bodies, and sometimes they left us exposed to rot.  We negotiated all the time.  We didn’t win their trust. The invaders shaped this land with fences, and with atrocity. People do not understand what happened here. They did not see the violence, the guns, the murder, the brutality. The invader hunted us north and south, in every direction. They called us savages.” 



By any means necessary, we have stolen land, commited genocide, exploited low-wage workers, all of that to become one of the wealthiest nations in the world. And it’s a fact and a truth that we want to sweep [this history] under a carpet and whitewash [it]. 
Native author and philanthropist Edgar Villanueva

If they couldn't murder Indigenous people, they invent other ways.  They write the history.

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