Dana Lone Hill

  Dana Lou Lone Hill  Oyate WačhíŋyAŋpi (age 47) February 29, 1972 ~ November 15, 2019 (her obituary is on her author page) An Inspir...

The Best Native Books of 2019

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  1. This is an incredible book on the off chance that you need to find out about Native Americans and their history since Wounded Knee in 1890. A lot of it is first person, when the author talks with an assortment of individual Native Americans on an assortment of subjects. The author additionally works superbly of spreading out the history of Native American clans after Wounded Knee, including ever-changing government arrangements, including one called "termination," and how different clans responded. He is likewise honest about issues plaguing Native Americans, both urban and on reservations. Furthermore, And he is a great writer.


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