Author News: Tommy Orange

 Tommy Orange hints about upcoming sequel to 'There There'

By Chris Kopacz

The much-anticipated sequel to author Tommy Orange’s acclaimed first novel, “There There,” will take readers to places they may not have gone before...

A link to history

His sequel to “There There” will pick up the lives of the original characters in the aftermath of the powwow but will also deal heavily with the early history of Indian boarding schools.

It will begin differently than his first novel.

“It definitely doesn’t have a non-fiction tone,” he said. “For instance, I'm speaking from the character of Pratt.”

Orange said one of the characters he follows from the boarding schools will turn out to be related to Opal Viola, a character from “There There.” The book will then carry readers into the lives of the modern-day characters.

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[Photo courtesy of Kateri Orange]


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